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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache HBase 0.98.19 is now available for download
Date Mon, 02 May 2016 15:07:53 GMT
Apache HBase 0.98.19 is now available for download. Get it from an Apache
mirror [1] or Maven repository. The list of changes in this release can be
found in the release notes [2] or at the bottom of this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team

‚Äč1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/hbase/
2. https://s.apache.org/z92R

HBASE-11830 TestReplicationThrottler.testThrottling failed on virtual boxes
HBASE-12148 Remove TimeRangeTracker as point of contention when many
threads writing a Store
HBASE-12511 namespace permissions - add support from table creation
privilege in a namespace 'C'
HBASE-12663 unify getTableDescriptors() and
HBASE-12674 Add permission check to getNamespaceDescriptor()
HBASE-13700 Allow Thrift2 HSHA server to have configurable threads
HBASE-14809 Grant / revoke Namespace admin permission to group
HBASE-14870 Backport namespace permissions to 98 branch
HBASE-14983 Create metrics for per block type hit/miss ratios
HBASE-15191 CopyTable and VerifyReplication - Option to specify batch size,
HBASE-15212 RRCServer should enforce max request size
HBASE-15234 ReplicationLogCleaner can abort due to transient ZK issues
HBASE-15368 Add pluggable window support
HBASE-15386 PREFETCH_BLOCKS_ON_OPEN in HColumnDescriptor is ignored
HBASE-15389 Write out multiple files when compaction
HBASE-15400 Use DateTieredCompactor for Date Tiered Compaction
HBASE-15405 Synchronize final results logging single thread in PE, fix
wrong defaults in help message
HBASE-15412 Add average region size metric
HBASE-15460 Fix infer issues in hbase-common
HBASE-15475 Allow TimestampsFilter to provide a seek hint
HBASE-15479 No more garbage or beware of autoboxing
HBASE-15527 Refactor Compactor related classes
HBASE-15548 SyncTable: sourceHashDir is supposed to be optional but won't
work without
HBASE-15569 Make Bytes.toStringBinary faster
HBASE-15582 SnapshotManifestV1 too verbose when there are no regions
HBASE-15587 FSTableDescriptors.getDescriptor() logs stack trace erronously
HBASE-15614 Report metrics from JvmPauseMonitor
HBASE-15621 Suppress Hbase SnapshotHFile cleaner error  messages when a
snaphot is going on
HBASE-15622 Superusers does not consider the keytab credentials
HBASE-15627 Miss space and closing quote in
HBASE-15629 Backport HBASE-14703 to 0.98+
HBASE-15637 TSHA Thrift-2 server should allow limiting call queue size
HBASE-15640 L1 cache doesn't give fair warning that it is showing partial
stats only when it hits limit
HBASE-15647 Backport HBASE-15507 to 0.98
HBASE-15650 Remove TimeRangeTracker as point of contention when many
threads reading a StoreFile
HBASE-15661 Hook up JvmPauseMonitor metrics in Master
HBASE-15662 Hook up JvmPauseMonitor to REST server
HBASE-15663 Hook up JvmPauseMonitor to ThriftServer
HBASE-15664 Use Long.MAX_VALUE instead of HConstants.FOREVER in
HBASE-15665 Support using different StoreFileComparators for different
hadoop.hbase.security.visibility.TestVisibilityLabelsWithDeletes fails
HBASE-15673 [PE tool] Fix latency metrics for multiGet
HBASE-15679 Assertion on wrong variable in

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