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From 张铎(Duo Zhang) <palomino...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] The breaking changes in HBASE-24966
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2020 03:04:11 GMT
I think it could introduce compilation error when removing the throws part
of a method signature. As if there is no exception thrown but you have a
'try...catch' then there will be a compilation error...

It requires a code change sometimes but anyway, you just need to remove the
'try...catch', no other big impacts. So for me I would also like to mark it
as incomplete and change it directly in 3.0.0.


Sean Busbey <busbey@apache.org> 于2020年11月30日周一 上午2:51写道:

> I think we should change what they throw directly and label it
> incompatible. I think this is in line with our previous expectation setting
> about how we'll handle mistakes in the API.
> That change would be source incompatible but would still be binary
> compatible.
> I think we should do it in a major release. esp since there's not a way in
> Java to say "this deprecation is just about the thrown exceptions" and it
> will be awkward to write code that is source compatible with the existing
> api and with the exception removed.
> On Sat, Nov 28, 2020, 22:07 张铎(Duo Zhang) <palomino219@gmail.com> wrote:
> > In HBASE-24966, we found that in AsyncTableRegionLocator, we accidentally
> > declared 3 methods
> >
> > getStartKeys
> > getEndKeys
> > getStartEndKeys
> >
> > to throw IOException directly.
> >
> > This should be a copy paste mistake, as typically, for a method which
> > returns CompletableFuture, the exception should be returned through the
> > CompletableFuture, and this is exactly the behavior of these methods.
> >
> > So the actual problem is only that we have a wrong method signature. but
> > since this interface is IA.Public, and it has already been included in
> > several releases, according to our compatibility rule, we can not just
> > remove the throws part from the method. Instead, we need to deprecate
> them
> > and create new methods. But there will be another problem that we want to
> > align the method names between the sync and async client, so if we change
> > the names of the methods, we'd better also change the name of methods for
> > sync client, which will make our users do more unnecessary work.
> >
> > So here I want to discuss that, since we all know that, this is a
> mistake,
> > and the methods will never throw IOException directly, is it OK for us to
> > just remove the throws part and tell users directly that this is a
> mistake,
> > and release it in the next minor release or a major release as an
> > incompatible change?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >

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