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From "Igor A. Deruga" <>
Subject getService doesn't work
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 22:18:53 GMT
Ok, here's the problem:
(this descriptions is a good test of my English)

I have some roles (e.g. Streams, Message, Chat, etc) that all extend class 
SessionProcessor. I want to get the role's instance by its name:

	processor = (SessionProcessor) m_registry.getService("Streams", 

For this purpose I'm writing into my hivemodule.xml:

	<service-point id="Streams" interface="src.server.api.SessionProcessor">
		<create-instance class="src.server.roles.impl.StreamsImpl"/>
		<interceptor service-id="hivemind.LoggingInterceptor"/>

And this thing gives me an error!!! It says: "Service point Streams does not 
exist". There is a method getService with single parameter, but it doesn't 
fit my needs. It works fine with one role, but when I add one more role, it 
won't work: I'll have two service-points with 

What's the big difference between those two implementations  of the method 


P.S.: another variant of this question: give me the example environment where 
getService(String, Class) would work (I mean the one with two parameters).

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