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From Knut Wannheden <>
Subject Re: Do I always have to create a contribution object?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 15:29:12 GMT

How about using a general purpose class for cases as this one?  E.g. a
StringHolder with a setValue(String) or something. You could reuse
this class for all simple configurations of this kind.

Apart from that you can also just not declare any schema at all for
you configuration.  What you will get then is a List of HiveMind
Elements (see org.apache.hivemind.Element), which are similar to (but
simpler than) XML DOM elements.  But then you end up with an unwanted


On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 23:19:51 +0800, Christopher Cheng
<> wrote:
> I am curious if it is always necessary to create a contribution object to
> parse init parameters to the service-point. 
> Sometimes, it can be as simple as setDescription() in the service, but I
> still have to create a FooContribution() to hold the values.

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