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From "David J. M. Karlsen" <>
Subject service+configuration - how?
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 21:43:52 GMT

I currently use hivemind to retreive instances of interface-implementations.
(instanciation of a class for the service-interface).

I'd like to combine this with some specific properties for configuring 
the implementation.

I find the examples on configuration-points and contributions somewhat 
hard to understand. (It seems that I have to create a separate class for 
the config - and call this from the implementation - instead of 
declaring it all in the Hivemind config-file).

What I would like is some private static variables in the 
implementation-class to be set when instanciated.

Lets's say this is the iface:

interface IMyService {
    public void methodA();

and the implementation:
public class MyService implements IMyService{
    final static private String aStringProp;
    final static private Integer anIntegerProp;

    public void methodA(){
       //do something

how could I do this the easiest way through the use of HiveMind, such 
that when I retrieve the service through the registry, the constructed 
object would automatically have it's properties set?

I'd rather avoid having a separate class for configuration as I find 
this too fine-grained.

Thanks in advance - and thanks for a great API!

Kind regards,
David Karlsen

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