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From Antonio David Fernández Reyes <>
Subject Re: Problems with SAX implementation executing a HiveMind example
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 15:56:53 GMT
Thank you Knut,

you are right, our problem was due to the use of ant inside WSAD. We 
have changed the structure of our project to enable its execution from 
WSAD, putting WEB-INF/hivemodule.xml inside the "src" folder. Doing so, 
we enable HiveMind to access "hivemodule.xml" when running from WSAD, 
and accesing its classpath. As we are using JDK 1.3, we have to add the 
SAX parser implementation JARS, but we have tested with JDK 1.4, and 
this is not necessary, as the JRE contains them.

Our example runs now perfectly, but avoiding Ant.


Antonio David Fernández Reyes
J2EE Consultant & Architect
at Sistemas S.A.

Knut Wannheden wrote:

>HiveMind does not expect any particular SAX parser implementation.  It
>uses the javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory to retrieve the parser it
>uses.  I suspect it is a WSAD specific problem you're experiencing.  I
>found this with Google:
>Hope that helps,
>On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 11:35:50 +0100, Antonio David Fernández Reyes
><> wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>we are trying to setup a project using HiveMind. We are following the
>>steps of the Calculator example. We have downloaded all the dependency
>>Jars, and set up the project to build it with ant.
>>Our problem is that ant compiles perfectly, but when it tries to execute
>>the example, we get the following error:
>>java.lang.VerifyError: class loading constraint violated (class:
>>org/apache/xerces/jaxp/SAXParserImpl method:
>>getXMLReader()Lorg/xml/sax/XMLReader;) at pc: 0
>>We supose the problem is due to the SAX implementation that HiveMind
>>expects, which differs with ours. Our question is where can we find the
>>appropiate SAX implementation in order to use HiveMinf correctly, or why
>>are we getting this error.
>>We are working with Websphere Studio Application Developer.
>>Thak you in advance.
>>Antonio D.
>>Antonio David Fernández Reyes
>>J2EE Consultant & Architect
>>at Sistemas S.A.
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