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Subject can I use PipelineFactory as Chain of Responsibility?
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:16:42 GMT

I am currently evaluating retrofitting an application with Hivemind as a
number of the Struts Action classes are bloated and unwieldy. The
application has a number of processes that need to be run in order. Each
process depends on zero or many of the previous processes being completed
successfully. For example Calculate Settlement process cannot be run until
Upload Files and Verify processes have been run. While it has taken me two
days to get to grips with the whole IOC thing I cannot see an easy way to
implement this flow with Hivemind. The Apache common-chains API using Chain
of Responsibility pattern looks like it would do the trick but since I am
looking at Hivemind I thought I would look at what it can do. The
PipelineFactory does not seem to fit the bill as it uses a series of
filters, executes each one and passes on to the next. What I want to do is
more like

Check Upload process done Y --> continue N --> exit
Check Verification done  Y --> continue  N --> exit
Run Settlement


Ralph Roper

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