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From Howard Lewis Ship <>
Subject Re: Obtaining the registry
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:02:24 GMT
The general use case for HiveMind is either part of a GUI, or part of
a servlet container.

In the former, you control the code paths leading up to and beyond the
construction of the Registry, just as you control the code paths for
creating your GUI (which also has thread safety implications).

In a servlet container, the HiveMindFilter is the sole object that
should be creating the Registry.  HiveMind's approach is compatible
with the startup semantics of a servlet container.

I think you are making a problem out of a non-problem.

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:45:28 +0100 (CET), David J. M. Karlsen
<> wrote:
> i feel this should be a safe and one-liner operation.
> But referring to:
> Stating that:
> A note about threadsafety: The assumption is that a single thread will
> access the RegistryBuilder at one time (typically, a startup class within
> some form of server or application). Code here and in many of the related
> classes is divided into construction-time logic and runtime logic. Runtime
> logic is synchronized and threadsafe. Construction-time logic is not
> threadsafe. Methods such as
> org.apache.hivemind.impl.RegistryInfrastructureImpl#addModule(Module),
> org.apache.hivemind.impl.ModuleImpl#addConfigurationPoint(ConfigurationPoint),
> ConfigurationPointImpl.addContribution(Contribution)and the like are
> construction-time. Once the registry is fully constructed, it is not
> allowed to invoke those methods (though, at this time, no checks occur).
> I wonder if this is true for
> Registry registry = RegistryBuilder.constructDefaultRegistry(); too?
> If so I will make a singletonwrapper around this - and it should probably
> be imported into one of the future releases.
> Another thing:
> HiveMind doesn't accept the hivemodule.xml filepath to be resolved through
> a systemproperty defining a URL? I'd like to add this feature into the
> same component as well.
> David J. M. Karlsen - +47 90 68 22 43
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Howard M. Lewis Ship
Independent J2EE / Open-Source Java Consultant
Creator, Jakarta Tapestry
Creator, Jakarta HiveMind

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