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From "Jean-Francois Poilpret" <>
Subject Use of schema-id and unique attributes
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 16:14:32 GMT

I am wondering one question about schemas and schema-ids.

Let's suppose in my hivemodule.xml, I define a schema outside of any
configuration-point/service-point. I assign it an id for later use.
This schema looks like this:
<schema id="CauchoServicesSchema">
	<element name="publish">
		<attribute name="service-id" required="true" unique="true" 
			<push-attribute attribute="service-id"/>
			<invoke-parent method="addElement"/>

Then I define to configuration points that use that same schema:

<configuration-point id="HessianServices" schema-id="CauchoServicesSchema"/>
<configuration-point id="BurlapServices" schema-id="CauchoServicesSchema"/>

My question is simple, in "CauchoServicesSchema", the attribute "service-id"
is declared unique, is it supposed to be unique across ALL uses of that
schema, or inside EACH use of that schema, or stated differently, is the
following configuration allowed or not:

<contribution configuration-id="HessianServices">
	<publish service-id="MyService"/>

<contribution configuration-id="BurlapServices">
	<publish service-id="MyService"/>

My expectation is that it is authorized and perfectly valid (ie, unicity is
defined in the scope of ONE configuration, independently of any other), is
this correct?



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