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From kgignatyev <>
Subject Why constructor requires parameters?
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 19:38:33 GMT
Why HiveMind requires constructor parameters if there is only one 
constructor, or only one constructor that might be satisfied with 
services from the repository?
Kind of contradictory to "Less is MORE" ideology.

Could HiveMind in version 1.1 adopt something like Pico's use of 


Konstantin Ignatyev

PS: If this is a typical day on planet earth, humans will add fifteen million tons of carbon
to the atmosphere, destroy 115 square miles of tropical rainforest, create seventy-two miles
of desert, eliminate between forty to one hundred species, erode seventy-one million tons
of topsoil, add 2.700 tons of CFCs to the stratosphere, and increase their population by 263.000

Bowers, C.A.  The Culture of Denial:  
Why the Environmental Movement Needs a Strategy for Reforming Universities and Public Schools.
New York:  State University of New York Press, 1997: (4) (5) (p.206)

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