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From "Hensley, Richard" <>
Subject RE: Hibernate (HIVEMIND-54)
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 02:19:18 GMT
Ok, I can almost be sold on stripping the exceptions from the interface, I'm
going to have to contemplate that idea. I still give's me the willy's.

I think you may have missed my point on the transaction stuff. Core to my
concern is that there are two separate needs here. One is a good hibernate
toolset for hivemind, and the other is a good transaction toolset for
hivemind. I think they should both be addressed, and not have to dependent.

I think a good hibernate toolset meets the following requirements:

- Supports the OpenSessionInView pattern (very easy using Threaded services
and HiveMind filter)
- Supports some configuration of the Hibernate SessionFactory
- Allows for integration testing between the database and persistent beans
- Provides full access to Hibernate session when needed
- Removes the need for checked HibernateExceptions
- Provides for simple transaction control, ala the HibernateUtils example
from Hibernate In Action

I think that Jean did a good job of defining requirements for the
transactional service on the page.

The hivetranse code has already made good progress on declarative
transaction demarcation, and hibernate SessionFactory configuration. I've
been working with Jean on discovering ways to make the hibernate tool set
that is buried inside of hivetranse more useful generically. The specific
feedback I have Jean is that the OpenSessionInView pattern was pretty useful
in many cases.

I think that you were very close when you suggested a new wiki page that
documented a generic transaction framework.

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