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From Aleksej <>
Subject Re: Hivetranse Lock: User is in specified role but access is still denied
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 07:54:52 GMT
Hi Jean!
Thanks for answer. I am using HiveLock with Tapestry4. I was looking in 
javadocs about HiveLockFilter
but it is still unclear for me which filters I need to use. According to 
HiveLockFilter javadocs I need to use
org.apache.hivemind.servlet.HiveMindFilter but i think that Tapestry 
already implements required functionality.

Jean-Francois Poilpret wrote:
> Hello Aleksej,
> One important point for the AuthorizationInterceptor to work correctly is to
> make sure to call SecurityService.setCurrentUser() at some point (early) in
> the calls stack.
> If you use the HiveLockFilter (ServletFilter) according to the way it is
> documented (in the javadco of this class), then you have nothing special to
> do here (the filter will call SecurityService.setCurrentUser()
> automatically), and everything should be fine. If you do not use it, then
> you have to replace it in some way.
> Can you provide more detail about your configuration (web.xml,
> hivemodule.xml)?
> How do you manage authentication on the server side?
> A practical usage example of HiveLock is in the sample code that comes with
> HiveMind Utilities, you might consider taking a look at it.
> Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions (although normally the hivemind
> users list is not supposed to be used for support on HiveMind Utilities, I
> hope that subscribers to this list don't feel bored about these messages,
> please talk if you cannot stand HiveMind Utilities mails in this list).
> Cheers
> Jean-Francois
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aleksej [] 
> Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 3:44 PM
> To:
> Subject: Hivetranse Lock: User is in specified role but access is still
> denied
> Hi, list!
> I got Service which have moveNodeUp method.
> When I running code which calls to that method I got
> Unregistered user cannot access method 
> myPackage.StructureLogic.moveNodeUp exception,
> but I am sure that user IS in structure-admin role ( I tested it ).
> Here is my service definition:
> -----
> <service-point id="Logic" interface="StructureLogic">
>         <invoke-factory model="threaded">
>             <construct class="impl.StructureLogicImpl">
>             </construct>
>         </invoke-factory>
>         <interceptor service-id="hivelock.core.AuthorizationInterceptor">
>             <method pattern="moveNodeUp" roles="structure-admin" />
>             <method pattern="*" roles="*" />
>         </interceptor>       
> </service-point>
> -----
> Maybe I forgot something?

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