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Subject [Bug 63089] Document 2.4.30 as the first version handling SSL proxy settings in <Proxy> sections
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2019 12:59:09 GMT

Rainer Jung <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|mod_ssl                     |Documentation
            Version|2.4.25                      |2.4.37
            Summary|It is not possible to set   |Document 2.4.30 as the
                   |SSLProxyEngine in <Proxy>   |first version handling SSL
                   |section even that the       |proxy settings in <Proxy>
                   |documentation says it is    |sections
           Assignee|       |

--- Comment #1 from Rainer Jung <> ---
The feature was first released in 2.4.32 (introduced in 2.4.30, but that
version and the following weren't released). So it is not available in your
version 2.4.25.

That the version for the feature is only documented in the Changelog is a
documentation bug. Therefore I keep this issue open to remember that we need to
improve the docs.

Note that the feature introduced a regression, which in turn was fixed in
2.4.34. You might want to try the latest version 2.4.37. Version 2.4.38 is on
its way but it will take a few days (if testing and voting doesn't show
regressions) before it will be released.

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