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From Florian Heinemann <>
Subject Re: TODO for mod_mbox
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 00:13:25 GMT

Hey, I'm one of the people who applied for this SoC project :-)

Rolando Abarca wrote:
> - I belong to a MUG (Macintosh User Group) and every time we wanted to
> create a web page it failed, mainly because the power of the user group
> was in the mailing list. So, the ideal website would've been a web based
> email archive, that could sort the emails in different categories based
> on some pattern in the subject, for example, all emails whose subject
> matches the r.e. '\[AAA\].*' should fit the category named 'AAA'. Of
> course, the mailing manager can create different categories, and a
> default category, where all emails whose subject doesn't match any, will
> be put.

Good idea, but do you really think that this works in practice? I 
estimate that more than a half of the mails will be put into the default 
categorie, because the people who don't use the web-interface won't 
think about that categories. Or don't I get it?

But generally I think the idea of some filter is extendable.

Paul Querna wrote:
> * Interface.  This is a SoC project.  We need some thoughts on if we
> want to use some kind of Theme system (eg, ClearSilver or XSLT) or stick
> with hard coded HTML.  I think a massive addition of CSS is a given, but
> the details are still up in the air.

XSLT is a good solution, because we need no additional module, it is a 
widely-used standard and simple to use. But what will we do with the 
people who haven't a XML-ready browser in combination with a server 
which hasn't a XML parser?

Btw: I'm trying to compile lucene (GCJ version) for mod_mbox but he 
misses the <org/apache/lucene/document/Field.h> file. Can somebody tell 
me where I can get this file or which package I forgot?


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