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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: About mod_mbox future improvements
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 22:37:40 GMT
Maxime Petazzoni wrote:
> * XSLT processing
> As far as I remember, the choice of outputting XML satisfies
> everybody. The problem relates to where we'll do the XSLT
> processing. There are two main solutions :
> - client-side processing, as by now. The user requires a capable
>   browser such as Gecko-based browsers.

I am still worried about the portability of client-side processing.
Between all the versions of all the browsers, doing complicated things
seems to be hit and miss to me.

> - server-side processing, using mod_transform (or something else,
>   ideas ? I don't know much about server-side output filters)
> Client-side processing's advantage is to fasten global response time
> since the server have less work to do. Main drawback is the lack of
> XSLT-capable browser (even KHTML doesn't seem to do it).
> Server-side processing corrects this problem, but may slow down the
> response (isn't mod_mbox designed to be as quick as possible ?).

With an XSLT Cache, which mod_transform has, it can render very quickly.

I am a fan of Server-side processing for XSLT.

We still need to make a decision as a group, do we want XSLT?

Do we want an alternative such as ClearSilver templates?

Do we just want 'better' HTML and CSS?

I believe that since the work is already in progress for XSLT, that
makes it a good choice for now.  The decision on server-side vs
client-side is interesting, and perhaps we can meet some middle ground,
but for now, I think we should pursue server-side processing.


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