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From miim <>
Subject Re: Reference to core request fails during compile
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2019 21:00:05 GMT

Eric, you nailed the problem down precisely.

Unfortunately while digging through the core source code it develops that getting the document
root out of the core data structures is not a 100% reliable solution.  Comments associated
with the document root entries specifically state that If the URI has been internally rewritten
to use a filename that is permitted but out of the server root, then the data in those entries
does not apply to the specific request.

This was all prompted by an issue in mod_nsf.  The incoming URL was of the form

but mod_nsf found r->filename to contain


instead of (what I would consider to be correct)


which caused mod_nsf to say "Yes, the file's there, request is OK" instead of "Crafty, but
still no such file, put 'em on the ban list."

I'll need to think on this a bit more before going back to it.

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