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From Gary Benson <>
Subject Skipped tests
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 14:18:45 GMT

In httpd-test's perl-framework tests, Apache::Test::plan is a wrapper
around Test::plan. Apache::Test::plan allows you to have a condition as
the last argument of the plan call; if the condition is not met, the test
is skipped. A test which will only be run if we have php4 looks like this:

| plan tests => 1, \&ExtModules::TestEnv::has_php4;
| my $result = GET_BODY "/php/add.php";
| ok $result eq '6';

Test also has the facility to define tests which can be conditionally
skipped. Here you say:

| plan tests => 1
| skip !&ExtModules::TestEnv::has_php4, GET_BODY("/php/add.php") eq '6';

[the first argument to Test::skip being skip_this_test]

Why, then, the duplication of functionality in Apache::Test? Is it just an
oversight, or is there something else going on that I haven't realised?


[ Gary Benson, Red Hat Europe ][ ][ GnuPG 60E8793A ]

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