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From john sachs <>
Subject func5.t again.
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 21:04:33 GMT
this is the first time im running the new func5, where it writes a file to say that it ran.
 its not working.  i get this in the body of the initial request:

foo() will be called on shutdown... 
Warning: fopen(".ran", "w") - Permission denied in /home/john/ht-cvs/httpd-test/perl-framework/t/htdocs/php/func5.php
on line 9

this in the error_log:

can't write .ran.

so it looks like a couple things are bad here.
1) $file = "$SCRIPT_FILENAME.ran"; is not getting set correctly
2) it seems php thinks it has no permission to write to the directory.

i dont know enough about php to know how 1 should work.
as far as should have permission to write anything its all running as same user...other
scripts can write content to those dirs...

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