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From Gary Benson <>
Subject TestConfig->new deletes vhosts (et al)
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2001 10:45:03 GMT

Hi all,

I'm getting problems with tests passing if I run:

% perl t/TEST

but failing if I run:

% perl t/TEST -start-httpd
% perl t/TEST -run-tests
% perl t/TEST -stop-httpd

It seems that this chunk of code, from (~ line 140), is the
culprit. It deletes the section of the config file that contains the
virtual host stuff, which breaks the tests which need them.

    #regenerating config, so forget old
    if ($args->{save}) {
        for (qw(vhosts inherit_config modules inc)) {
            delete $thaw->{$_} if exists $thaw->{$_};

Does anyone know _why_ it deletes the vhosts stuff -- is it required by
something else, or was it once required but not any more?


[ Gary Benson, Red Hat Europe ][ ][ GnuPG 60E8793A ]

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