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From clayton cottingham <>
Subject Re: prob with lib path in Apache-Test more info
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 21:12:12 GMT

has any test-dev messages getting through today?

ive found the best solution to 
lib/@INC woes ive been having and i thought i should pass along

alas im wrong {thankfully} that the prob was with Apache::Test*

i thought hmm mod_perl  <Perl> directives!

here is what i did to get it to work
use lib '../blib/lib';
##end of new
PerlModule Apache::Foo
<Location /test/foo>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::Foo

at this point i decided to take out the 
'use lib' lines outta Makefile.PL
and TEST.PL and everything worked fine!


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