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From clayton cottingham <>
Subject Re: Why 5.6, and t/TEST not working as described
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 20:06:01 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Thanks, Doug.  I figured out the other part of my question,
> which was (unasked) why 't/TEST t/expires' ran everything.
> The answer is 'because it should be t/module/expires'.
> Of course, I would have expected an error and no action,
> but what do I know. :-)
> Next question: How do I find out the details of failing
> test, and what causes tests to be skipped?  mod_expires
> is failing a few, but all I get are test numbers that
> I can relate to diddly -- and some tests are being skipped
> for no reason I can ascertain.

use ./t/TEST -v for verbose

more options/switches in 

i havent had much luck with skip() either
but ive found one thing that shows me how to use it!
this is from t/php/all.t

#skip all tests in this directory unless php4 module is enabled
plan tests => 1, have_module 'php4';

but i havent had much luck in using it in other places in my code
could someone maybe give a small example?

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