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From clayton cottingham <>
Subject testing cookies under Apache-Test
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 18:36:56 GMT
hey all:

this is a simpler question 
than most around here right now

i was wondering if anyone could 
help me figure out what way to 
test cookies under this harness 
im certainly missing something , 
ive been trying for around an hour.

ive been getting this:

Can't locate object method "fetch" via package "Apache::Cookie" at
cookies.t line 13.

ive tried just setting an Apache::Cookie object 
and then trying to grab it via a test script

here are those pieces

===== from cookie.t====
my %cookies = Apache::Cookie->fetch; #ive tried parse too

my $value = $cookies{foo}->value;



my $r=shift;
my $cookie = Apache::Cookie->new($r,
                                    -name    =>  'foo',
                                    -value   =>  'bar',


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