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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: [patch] hint why the test was skipped
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 18:52:56 GMT
On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Stas Bekman wrote:

> [Please let's decide where we discuss Apache-Test and send patches, the 
> docs say, but in fact it's spread across the two 
> lists. It seems that test-dev will eventually take over, since that's 
> where people report problems.]

here is fine i think.
> People already start complaining because they don't know why this or 
> that test gets skipped, but they are techy enough to look at the code to 
> figure out. Once we release Apache-Test, many people won't know to 
> figure out why some tests are skipped. Therefore I've tried to solve 
> this, so if I require have_module Chatbot::Eliza1 I get:

i like the idea of hinting why a test is skipped.  only thing is
"Missing foo" might not be very informative, for example the tests that
run against c-modules.  none of the c-modules will be "missing", but they
might not be built because:

- apxs is not available
- the module requires 2.0
- etc

"missing mod_echo_post" won't be very helpful in that case.

then there are tests that are skipped unless 'have_apache 2.0',
'have_perl "ithreads"', etc.

maybe just extend your patch so a .t can define:
$Apache::Test::SkipReason = 'requires apxs and apache-2.0';

and the skip code does this:
            my $real_reason = $Apache::Test::SkipReason || $reason;
            print "1..0 # skipped: $real_reason \n";

since each .t has its own process, there won't be a clash using the
$Apache::TestSkip::Reason variable.

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