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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: 2.0.28 results, need interpretation
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 18:34:35 GMT
On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Aaron Bannert wrote:
> The limits failure has to with LimitRequestBody, and looks to be a known
> issue (see modules/http/http_protocol.c:1314, "/* XXX shouldn't we enforce
> this for chunked encoding too? */"). But you probably already knew this. :)

ken told me he wasn't surprised that test is failing with 2.0, but didn't
say why.
> As for the cgi error, is this the error that Cliff reported earlier? It
> looks like it's a simple error with how @CGI_MODULE@ is being replaced
> in t/conf/ on about line 175. In my setup, no matter what
> I do it gets replaced with mod_cgi.c, which means those directives are
> never included with worker's mod_cgid.c. Can someone with more experience
> with perl voodoo check this out and let me know what I'm doing wrong here?

this is fixed now.

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