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From Gary Benson <>
Subject Wierd problem with apache/post test
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 18:55:35 GMT

Hi all,

I came across a wierd problem with the apache/post test which seems to
occur on certain OSes. The symptoms are that the test locks up on one of
the subtests, LWP eventually times out on the request, the test fails and
then all subsequent tests that are run fail.

The problem seems to be this:
 - LWP writes the entire request in one go.
 - mod_echo_post send its response as it processes the request.
 - only when it has finished sending the request does LWP attempt to read
   the response.

I think what is happening is that, with large requests, a large amount of
data is simultanously being fed into the socket from both directions, and
some buffer somewhere in the OSes socket handler is being filled. My
suspicions are backed up by the fact that I modified mod_echo_post (see
attached) to read the entire request and only then send the response, and
this solves the problem.

If this is the case then it really should be fixed by making LWP read and
write simultanously; you may have guessed from my hazy terminology that I
don't really know a lot about how sockets _really_ work, but do any of
you guys think that this sounds about right? If so, I'll email the LWP
maintainers and see what they say.


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