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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject .30? Wait a moment...
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2001 03:59:10 GMT
I'd like to propose a radical new notion for releases.

Prior to tag, we use perl-framework to actually check that the
current server is fully operational [as defined by our wonderful
test-dev group!!!]  If that passes, tag.  Let other platforms
run it through the test suite.  If they pass, we roll.  If noone
speaks up for three days after the tag [on a given platform]
ohy veh - try again later.

The SSL randomness is a showstopper, right now, for tagging .30.
We shouldn't be releasing any new segfaults, least of all with
something we can test [vis a vie the test suite.]

No sense in wasting a perfectly good tag on a perfectly invalid 
point in code development.


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