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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: [patch] autogeneration of TEST/SMOKE/REPORT
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2001 17:00:56 GMT
On Mon, 24 Dec 2001, Stas Bekman wrote:
> I've almost committed the stuff, but then I've tried to apply it to 
> httpd-test/perl-framework's t/TEST and couldn't do it because t/TEST had:
> %Apache::TestConfig::Argv = qw(apxs /home/stas/httpd/prefork/bin/apxs);
> which is not generic (and the same goes for t/SMOKE, but it doesn't need 
> it),

not generic, meaning?  it is generic for any t/TEST script.  currently
generated by Apache::TestMM::generate_script.
> Apache-Test/t/ has a very non-generic t/TEST

that's fine.
> I suppose that t/REPORT and t/SMOKE are the only ones that are simple 
> and can be re-used. I really doubt whether we have any added value in 
> abstracting t/TEST.
> How about if I do this abstraction for SMOKE and REPORT but leave 
> TEST.PL as is?

i don't see any reason not to generate TEST too, this is all optional
stuff.  if something wants to generate their own TEST script, then they
don't call this new method.

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