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From Rick Myers <>
Subject multiple configurations
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 01:11:58 GMT
This may sound silly, but is there an *easy* way to test
multiple server config's?

For example, I have a perl module that defines a new
RSRC_CONF directive that I want to test in every possible
way. To do that I need one server with no use of the module
(to validate the test, I guess), one server that uses the
directive in only the global area, and others for various
combinations of global vs. virtual use.

The only way I can see to make this happen is to write
various extra's and remove includes from the
httpd.conf file as each test runs. To make it work I have to
HUP the server after editing httpd.conf in each test, but
while using -X the server just dies.

I managed to figure out a way around -X and keep the server
alive beyond the HUP, but it's a real pain. The end result
is overloading Apache::Test::config,
Apache::TestConfig::new_test_server, and
Apache::TestRunPerl::new_test_config -- all just to get back
to the point where I can finally overload
Apache::TestServer::start_cmd and leave out the $one.


Rick Myers                  
The Feynman Problem       1) Write down the problem.
Solving Algorithm         2) Think real hard.
                          3) Write down the answer.

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