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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-test/perl-framework/Apache-Test/lib/Apache
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2002 20:50:23 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>That's obvious. I didn't question the need to shutdown servers.
>>You don't answer my question though: has my recent patch introduced such
>>a problem?
> Not as far as I know -- but it *does* make it easy for
> a lazy or uninformed person to start up a *new* server
> whilst the stale previous one is still up.  That's the
> 'masking' I want to avoid.

How the other starting server is supposed to know whether port X is busy 
because the first server is still running or it didn't quit cleanly?

If you want to ensure that all the servers are always killed run,

% killall httpd

that's what I do.

In any case when you run a single instance of the test script, you don't 
use the -port option.

Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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