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From Greg Ames <>
Subject mod_specweb99
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 21:54:00 GMT
What do folks think about adding mod_specweb99 (attached) as an Apache
httpd-test component?  It is a module which allows you to benchmark Apache 2.0
or 1.3 using the SPECweb99 benchmarking suite, described at .  

While there certainly are improvements that could be made to the code, I feel
it's in good enough shape now to put in a public CVS and have the benefits of
many eyeballs looking at it.  Several of us have been passing around tarballs,
diffs, and new versions of files, but that gets hard to manage pretty quickly.

Many thanks to Covalent Technologies for agreeing to donate this code to the
ASF, especially to Sander Temme and Dirk-Willem van Gulik who are the authors. 
David Hill from Compaq has also been contributing a lot of 2.0 fixes.

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