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Subject Re: mod_specweb99
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 21:14:08 GMT
i would like more info about this please

Greg Ames wrote:
> What do folks think about adding mod_specweb99 (attached) as an Apache
> httpd-test component?  It is a module which allows you to benchmark Apache 2.0
> or 1.3 using the SPECweb99 benchmarking suite, described at
> .  
> While there certainly are improvements that could be made to the code, I feel
> it's in good enough shape now to put in a public CVS and have the benefits of
> many eyeballs looking at it.  Several of us have been passing around tarballs,
> diffs, and new versions of files, but that gets hard to manage pretty quickly.
> Many thanks to Covalent Technologies for agreeing to donate this code to the
> ASF, especially to Sander Temme and Dirk-Willem van Gulik who are the authors. 
> David Hill from Compaq has also been contributing a lot of 2.0 fixes.
> Greg
> Attachment not displayed: application/x-tar;   name="specweb99.tar"

kristi foree

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