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From Donald Doane <>
Subject Re: Contributions to Flood...
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 00:32:06 GMT
> Cool!  We'd appreciate any assistance you can offer!  =) 

That's great to hear!

> The first thing to know is that all coordination happens here on this 
> mailing list (  Please subscribe to the 
> list - I had to moderate your post through since you were not subscribed. 

I am now officially subscribed:-)

> So, we're not going to be doing anything that isn't talked about here 
> first.  If you are interested in contributing, I'd recommend posting 
> about what you'd like to see from flood and how you'd like to see it 
> happen on this list.  If you have code changes or bug fixes, post them 
> on this list and we will do our best to integrate them. 

We have already begun implementing several new features within Flood and 
making some minor bug fixes. From a high-level, we have begun work on 
items listed in the Flood design spec, including expanding timing 
metrics and the notion of a virtual user as it relates to a collection 
of URLs (i.e. profile) as well as implementing error detection and 
complex response validation. We've also expanding the reporting to use 
and XML schema. Right now, we are developing on both Windows and LINUX 
with plans to do testing on Solaris and AIX by January.

> Right now, the state of flood is that the two original authors (myself 
> and Aaron Bannert) are happy with it - it does what we want. Another 
> committer (Jacek Prucia) has some additional ideas of where flood 
> should go (but he's been pressed for time to contribute lately). 

Would love to hear them.

> In short, my role right now is to try to ensure that flood can do what 
> other people want it to do.  About the only thing on the horizon for 
> me with Flood is to integrate Serf (a new HTTP client library) with 
> Flood.  But, that's a little while away - I have lots of other things 
> to worry about first.  =) 

Could you elaborate on the advantages of implementing Serf over the 
current HTTP client?

> Good luck and welcome!  -- justin
Thanks! We are looking forward to contributing to the project.

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