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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: comeback
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 01:36:29 GMT
--On Friday, February 14, 2003 11:11 AM +0100 Jacek Prucia 
<> wrote:

> on flood development, but I might do something useful anyway. I've
> already talked to Justin about few flood related issues and he
> insisted on making them public, so here's it is...

I'll just state that this list is the home for flood development.  =)

> We need a 'real' release. That is, one that follows httpd release
> guidelines as close as possible. This produces a few problems, in
> particular:


> 1. KEYS file
> In order to sign release tarballs, RM needs a valid PGP/GPG key in
> public KEYS file. I suggested separate KEYS file, but since Justin
> pointed out that there's no problem importing given key to httpd
> KEYS file (even if that person is not directly related to httpd
> development) -- it might not be the best idea after all.

Yup, when you are ready to do the release, just add your key to the 
KEYS file in httpd-dist.  If you need access to the repository (you 
probably don't have it already), drop me a line and I will ensure you 
are added to httpd-dist.  (Or, just submit a patch to this list with 
your public key and one of us can commit it.)

We can also setup a way to verify your key as well.  I'm not aware of 
anyone else who lives near you, but we may be able to find someone on 
the same continent.  (If possible, we could arrange a phone call or 
something - making international calls is a bit troublesome for me, 
but I imagine we can work something out.)

> 2. tarball signing
> We have to sing releases. As Sander said -- even if flood uses no
> special privileges and won't open socket listening for incoming
> connection, we have to sign tarballs, to assure everybody, that
> even httpd subproject releases are secure and high quality. I'm +1
> on this.

Totally.  =)

> It's about time to get my and Phi-Long's patches out the door, so
> after we have things sorted out -- let's do a 1.1 release. After
> that we have to define showstoppers for 1.2 and start to work on
> that. My key task for 1.2 is documentation. Merge with httpd-docs
> subprojects right now seems tricky to me, but we can have our own
> xsl for the time beeing. And that is just what I'm gonna work on
> right now.


If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.  But, I'll stand 
back and let you work your magic.  If you need help or guidance, let 
me know and I'll give pointers.

It's unlikely that I'll have a lot of time, but I should be able to 
test a release candidate and provide feedback.  Good luck!  -- justin

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