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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] flood: Fixed floodenv.bat environment problem in
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 16:33:24 GMT
I liked the earlier patch to enable/disable OpenSSL.  But the patches
below indicate why we don't use batch files... we can't go digging
throughout the system and order the various VisualStudios and
PlatformSDKs correctly; that has to be up to the developer.


The update to VisualStudio 6.0 format?  +1
Cleaning up the SSL envvars list and detection?  +1
Using floodenv as an 'invoker' of make?  --1

Let me take your patches and experiment later today.  I believe we
can use this general structure to create a 'config' set of envvars that
can be #include'd into  This gets the developer back
to nmake'ing -f - after they've run a configure.bat style
app to set up the SSL environment (and perhaps - even capture the
then-current state of the compiler options so that 'memory' of /useenv
is consistent from then on.)

I should have a better sense for this by tomorrow.


At 08:32 PM 2/3/2003, wrote:
>  Fixed floodenv.bat environment problem in
>This submission fixes the floodenv.bat environment problem.  This problem
>occurs when tries to set up variables for use by external
>prorams using floodenv.bat.  For example, invokes MSDEV
>like this:
>  floodenv.bat
>  msdev flood.dsw /useenv /make ...
>The invocation of floodenv.bat and MSDEV occur in independent
>environments, so MSDEV does not inherit the environment variables set
>by floodenv.bat.  For the build to complete, you need to generate and
>invoke floodenv.bat before building with NMAKE and
>For example:
>  nmake -f floodenv.bat
>  floodenv.bat
>  nmake -f
>This patch fixes the problem by allowing to tell floodenv.bat
>to set up the environment variables and optionally run some commands in
>the new environment.  When we need to invoke an external program like
>DevStudio, we tell floodenv.bat to execute the program so that it gets
>a properly initialized environment.  The arguments to floodenv.bat
>are optional, so you can still set up your environment using just
>NOTE: This patch is based on the patch for building without OpenSSL.
>I sent this patch in an e-mail titled:
>  [PATCH] flood: Fixed Win32 build when not using OpenSSL
>Below is a summary of the file changes.
>  * Added macro CFG_FLOOD to consolidate all the places
>    that evaluate:
>      flood - Win32 $(LONG)
>    They now just reference $(CFG_FLOOD).
>  * Added commentary to our floodenv.bat target.
>  * The floodenv.bat target no longer inserts an:
>      @echo off
>    at the top of the file.  We now suppress the output
>    of each line with a leading "@" symbol.  We do so
>    because we want the line invoking the optional
>    external command to echo the command so we can tell
>    what arguments and options are used.
>  * The floodenv.bat target now also writes to "$@", which
>    is "floodenv.bat".  The usage helps minimize the places
>    that use "floodenv.bat", thereby making it easier to
>    maintain if we need to change the name in the future.
>  * Changed floodenv.bat so that when we specify optional
>    arguments to it, then it will execute the commands.
>    If you do not specify arguments, you get the old
>    behavior---floodenv.bat sets up your environment
>    and then exits.
>  * Created new macros to represent the different build
>    tools we use:
>      MAKE_FLOOD:   Uses NMAKE to invoke flood.mak
>                    (you need to generate flood.mak from within
>                    DevStudio).
>      MSDEV_FLOOD:  Uses MSDEV to invoke the VC6 flood.dsp
>                    using the flood.dsw.
>  * Consolidated the build and clean targets with the new
>    macros:
>    These macros consolidate the usage between the build and
>    clean targets.  Several of the redundancy spread across
>    multiple lines are now in macros, and their uses are
>    simpler single lines.
>  * Added .a and .y files to the clean target.  They are
>    "generated" files from the "install" target.
>---   Mon Feb 03 13:55:57 2003
>+++        Mon Feb 03 17:56:40 2003
>@@ -101,16 +101,31 @@
> LONG=Release
>+CFG_FLOOD = flood - Win32 $(LONG)
>+# Floodenv.bat sets up environment variables and will optionally
>+# execute any command in the new environment.  If we're guaranteed we
>+# ran on Windows NT and newer versions, then we can make use of:
>+#   goto :EOF
>+# instead of:
>+#   goto :end
>+# and
>+#   %*
>+# instead of:
>+#   %1 ... %9
>+# See "goto /?" and "call /?" for details.
> floodenv.bat:
>-       echo @echo off>floodenv.bat
>-       echo set SRCLIB=$(SRCLIB)>>floodenv.bat
>-       echo set APRPATH=$(APRPATH)>>floodenv.bat
>-       echo set APRUTILPATH=$(APRUTILPATH)>>floodenv.bat
>-       echo set OPENSSLPATH=$(OPENSSLPATH)>>floodenv.bat
>-       echo set REGEXPATH=$(REGEXPATH)>>floodenv.bat
>+       echo @set SRCLIB=$(SRCLIB)>$@
>+       echo @set APRPATH=$(APRPATH)>>$@
>+       echo @set APRUTILPATH=$(APRUTILPATH)>>$@
>+       echo @set OPENSSLPATH=$(OPENSSLPATH)>>$@
>+       echo @set REGEXPATH=$(REGEXPATH)>>$@
> !IF "$(HAVE_SSL)" == "1"
>-       echo set LINKSSL=libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib /libpath:"$(SSLBIN)">>floodenv.bat
>+       echo @set LINKSSL=libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib /libpath:"$(SSLBIN)">>$@
>+       echo @if "%%1" == "" goto :end>>$@
>+       echo call %%1 %%2 %%3 %%4 %%5 %%6 %%7 %%8 %%9 1>>$@
>+       echo :end>>$@
> regex.h: $(REGEXPATH)\pcreposix.h
>        copy "$(REGEXPATH)\pcreposix.h" regex.h < <<
>@@ -146,41 +161,28 @@
>-!IF EXIST("flood.mak")
>-       -floodenv.bat
>-       $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f flood.mak CFG="flood - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0 CLEAN
>-       del config.h floodenv.bat regex.h
>-build: config.h
>-       floodenv.bat
>-       $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f flood.mak CFG="flood - Win32 $(LONG)" RECURSE=0
>+DEVENV_FLOOD = call floodenv.bat devenv flood.sln /useenv
>+MAKE_FLOOD   = call floodenv.bat $(MAKE) $(MAKEOPT) -f flood.mak \
>+               "CFG=$(CFG_FLOOD)" "RECURSE=0"
>+MSDEV_FLOOD  = call floodenv.bat msdev flood.dsw /useenv /make "$(CFG_FLOOD)"
>+clean: floodenv.bat
>+!IF EXIST("flood.mak")
>+       $(MAKE_FLOOD) CLEAN
> !ELSEIF EXIST("flood.sln")
>-       -floodenv.bat
>-       devenv flood.sln /useenv /clean $(LONG) /project flood
>-       del config.h floodenv.bat regex.h
>-build: config.h
>-       floodenv.bat
>-       devenv flood.sln /useenv /build $(LONG) /project flood
>+       $(DEVENV_FLOOD) /clean $(LONG) /project flood
>-       -floodenv.bat
>-       msdev flood.dsw /USEENV /MAKE \
>-               "flood - Win32 $(LONG)" /CLEAN
>-       del config.h floodenv.bat regex.h
>+       $(MSDEV_FLOOD) /clean
>+       del .a .y config.h floodenv.bat regex.h
> build: config.h
>-       floodenv.bat
>-       msdev flood.dsw /USEENV /MAKE \
>-               "flood - Win32 $(LONG)" 
>+!IF EXIST("flood.mak")
>+       $(MAKE_FLOOD)
>+!ELSEIF EXIST("flood.sln")
>+       $(DEVENV_FLOOD) /build $(LONG) /project flood
>+       $(MSDEV_FLOOD)
> install:

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