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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] flood: Fixed floodenv.bat environment problem in
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 20:53:24 GMT
I agree that .mak files are much more effective for distributions, especially
for users with VS 5.0 where they can't launch a make of a .dsp file.

But for CVS - the .mak files get too dirty.  If we really had an automake
style system ... but ah ... this really isn't practical at the moment.  Believe
me I've investigated almost every cross compilation between ms and the
several faux-unix win32 environments.  It just isn't that simple.

The point is that .dsp's (VS 6.0 format) are usable in VS 5.0, 6.0, convertable
in VS 7.0 and 7.1, and trivial to extract the real .mak files by a VS 6.0 user
like you or I.  The .mak files don't fit well into CVS because of the massive
changes every time you alter minor things like dependencies.

I won't be against using nmake -f IDE as a target to launch
the studio environment with the correct envvars, however :-)


At 02:17 PM 2/4/2003, wrote:
>Thanks for the review and feedback, Bill.
>I agree with your assessment of the floodenv.bat changes to invoke other
>programs.  In my dealings with DevStudio DSP files and NMAKE makefiles,
>I've always found myself juggling environment variables with similar
>Do we need to support the IDE environments with DSP/DSW files (and also
>the newer IDE formats)?  As the IDE-based file formats have changed over
>the course of several VC++ releases, NMAKE has remain consistent.  I've
>also found it easier to maintain the NMAKE makefiles than the DSP files
>(stable syntax, consolidate common settings in include makefiles, less
>noise than IDE-generated files, etc.).
>So, I advocate keeping the build system in NMAKE makefiles.  If we
>do need to support IDE users, I would have the DSP invoke the NMAKE
>makefiles and specify debug/release.  The goal is to keep the compiling
>and linking in the NMAKE makefiles.
>------- Original Message Dated: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 10:33:24 -0600
>|    From: "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
>| I liked the earlier patch to enable/disable OpenSSL.  But the patches
>| below indicate why we don't use batch files... we can't go digging
>| throughout the system and order the various VisualStudios and
>| PlatformSDKs correctly; that has to be up to the developer.
>| ...
>| The update to VisualStudio 6.0 format?  +1
>| Cleaning up the SSL envvars list and detection?  +1
>| Using floodenv as an 'invoker' of make?  --1
>| ... 

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