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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] flood: Fixed floodenv.bat environment problem in
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 20:13:27 GMT
At 04:56 PM 2/4/2003, wrote:

>In these days of IDEs and automake, I feel like a caveman when I advocate
>writing makefiles by hand.  But, they always seemed more maintainable
>and manageable than those DSP files.  I've had to diff way too many DSP
>files these past several years as they entered the Windows development

The only thing that makes such files ineffective are the generation
of dependency information.  For serious build-test-fix-rebuild we really
need to continue to support the current facilities.

HOWEVER a well crafted makefile always beats anything else we can
accomplish.  See the apr-iconv respository, build/ces and build/ccs
directories for an example of how we've done something very similar
to what you suggest.

The biggest PITA is getting the previously configured OpenSSL paths
into the system right now, so I'll continue to work from your ideas.  This
is a minor problem in Apache 2.0 build as well, so I hope to deal with
both in one swoop.  (Right now you must have the tree in srclib/openssl 
as a build tree.  Some folks want an install tree (e.g. lib/ and include/
rather than out32/ and tmp32/, etc.)  Others don't want to symlink
(nor should they have to.)

This isn't the only project with this problem, and some 'autoconf lite'
just for package resolution on win32 would sure come in handy here :-)


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