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From "MAASK Group" <>
Subject problem while using flood
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 05:50:15 GMT
    I checked out http-test/flood, apr, and apr-util from the apache cvs to 
test my apache server (1.3.20) running on linux. I got errors while running 
buildconf in all 3, flood, apr and apr-util directories. The error was 
'cannot find libtoolize' or "libtool not found". Where can I get libtool?
    Also in the http.conf, I have set the ScoreBoard file to 
logs/apache_runtime_status but it hasnt been created. What else do I have to 
do for it? I executed the show_compile_settings() function in the code and 
it shows HAVE_SHMGET ON and USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD ON. Do I have to change 
anything else to see the scoreboard file??

Thansk in advance,
(MAASK group)

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