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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Apache-Test and Cwd
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 21:45:54 GMT
On Jan 21, 2004, at 1:11 PM, Stas Bekman wrote:

> It just doesn't do any chdirs, so you can really run:
> /foo/bar/tar/mar/t/TEST and it will run from /

Cool, I suspect that that's more or less how Test::Harness works, too 
-- it just runs the test from whatever Cwd you're in when you call 

> I haven't done any extensive testing yet, but as I suggested if there 
> are places where it relies on living in 't', the can be all fixed, 
> since we know where 't' is via 
> Apache::Test::config()->{vars}->{serverroot}.

Yes, of course, very nice.

> And of course all tests that rely on the previous behavior need to be 
> fixed too. There quite a few tests to fix in mp2, I haven't tested 
> other repositories, yet.

It's a nice, straight-forward patch, so my guess is that the tests 
would be fairly easy to fix, yes?

Thanks again, Stas!



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