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From William McKee <>
Subject A::T and paths
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 19:16:12 GMT
Hi Stas,

The new version of A::T is giving me some odd behavior in regards to
paths. Hopefully you can clear it up for me.

I have 3 response tests which import data from an external file via a
require statement like so:

    require 'data/';

When run independently, each of these scripts work fine. However, if I
try to run all 3 simultaneously, the first one works and gets the data
then the following two fail to load. I've added code to output the cwd
and in all cases it is returning '/'. If I add t/ to the require
statement, I get errors. I'm not sure how to tell A::T to look into the
data directory in the t/ directory and didn't see any docs about how
A::T is handling paths with the recent updates.

I'm using the following line to check that the data was properly read
from the file:

  plan $r, tests => 9, have { "Unable to load \$userdata." => defined
    $userdata && ref $userdata eq 'HASH' };

I've tried switching the order these files run and I get the same
results. One weird thing I'm seeing is that the 3rd response test is
outputting a concatenated list of the have() tests as shown below:

        all skipped: Unable to load $userdata., Unable to load $userdata.

When I switched the order of the tests, this concatenation did not
happen (this load_mail test was still skipped but with only a single
error message).

I suspect that I'm doing something wrong or unexpected. If necessary, I
can try to replicate this behavior in a test script.

Thanks again,

Knowmad Services Inc.

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