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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: MaxClients error
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 18:08:12 GMT
William McKee wrote:
> Hi Stas et al,
> I'm receiving the following error message in the error.log output during
> my tests:
>   [error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting
> So, I added the line 'MaxClients 5' to my and reconfigured
> the server. I'm still getting the error. I checked that extra.conf was
> properly rebuilt and checked httpd.conf to make sure that extra.conf was
> being included after the other calls that set MaxClients to 1. It
> appears to me that is the case. Can someone tell me what I'm overlooking
> or what setting I should be modifying to stop receiving this error in my
> logs?

May be because you can set it only once?

In any case, the proper way to set it is via override of new_test_config in 
t/TEST.PL or whereever you defined the sub-class of Apache::TestRunPerl that 
you run from t/TEST

use constant MIN_MAXCLIENTS => 5;

sub new_test_config {
     my $self = shift;

     $self->{conf_opts}->{maxclients} ||= MIN_MAXCLIENTS;

     return $self->SUPER::new_test_config;

Look at modperl-2.0/ModPerl-Registry/t/TEST.PL

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