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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Makefile.PL Options
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:17:47 GMT
David Wheeler wrote:
> On Mar 25, 2004, at 12:08 PM, Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Hmm, thinking some more, may be we could just suggest to look in 
>> Apache::TestConfig::Usage or the output of t/TEST -h? that probably 
>> won't do, right? the reason I hesitate is the duplication of the 
>> information, which eventually will end up being out of sync. I wish we 
>> could tunnel %Usage in the pod, without copying it. Thoughts?
> Yeah, that would be good. The trouble with directing people to t/TEST is 
> that some distributions, including my own, don't come with a t/TEST 
> until you run Makefile.PL. So there's a catch-22 here.

Good point. How about:

To see the available options and their meaning run:

perl -MApache::TestConfig -le 'Apache::TestConfig::usage()'

> When t/TEST is generated, where does it get those docs?

 From Apache::TestConfig.

package Apache::TestConfig;


use vars qw(%Usage);

%Usage = (
    top_dir         => 'top-level directory (default is $PWD)',
    t_dir           => 'the t/ test directory (default is $top_dir/t)',
    t_conf          => 'the conf/ test directory (default is $t_dir/conf)',
    t_logs          => 'the logs/ test directory (default is $t_dir/logs)',
    t_conf_file     => 'test httpd.conf file (default is $t_conf/httpd.conf)',
    src_dir         => 'source directory to look for',
    serverroot      => 'ServerRoot (default is $t_dir)',
    documentroot    => 'DocumentRoot (default is $ServerRoot/htdocs',
    port            => 'Port [port_number|select] (default ' . DEFAULT_PORT . ')',
    servername      => 'ServerName (default is localhost)',
    user            => 'User to run test server as (default is $USER)',
    group           => 'Group to run test server as (default is $GROUP)',
    bindir          => 'Apache bin/ dir (default is apxs -q BINDIR)',
    sbindir         => 'Apache sbin/ dir (default is apxs -q SBINDIR)',
    httpd           => 'server to use for testing (default is $bindir/httpd)',
    target          => 'name of server binary (default is apxs -q TARGET)',
    apxs            => 'location of apxs (default is from Apache::BuildConfig)',
    startup_timeout => 'seconds to wait for the server to start (default is 60)',
    httpd_conf      => 'inherit config from this file (default is apxs derived)',
    maxclients      => 'maximum number of concurrent clients (default is 1)',
    perlpod         => 'location of perl pod documents (for testing downloads)',
    proxyssl_url    => 'url for testing ProxyPass / https (default is localhost)',
    sslca           => 'location of SSL CA (default is $t_conf/ssl/ca)',
    sslcaorg        => 'SSL CA organization to use for tests (default is asf)',
    libmodperl      => 'path to mod_perl\'s .so (full or relative to LIBEXECDIR)',
    defines         => 'values to add as -D defines (for example, "VAR1 VAR2")',
    (map { $_ . '_module_name', "$_ module name"} qw(cgi ssl thread access auth)),

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