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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-test/perl-framework/Apache-Test/lib/Apache
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 02:14:01 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
I wasn't clear enough, but the proposed
>>>would be
>>>appended to the generated httpd.conf rather than pulled in via Include.
>>>would that not suit the needs that the current patch resolves?
>>Please see below
>>>would there really be a need to pull in more than one config into the
>>>httpd.conf that couldn't be met via Include?
>>No, have_module() won't see those modules. It must be parsed via
>>inheriting scheme or come up with a new way. the new option seems to be
>>the simplest solution.
> I don't see your point here.  once you splice together the current
> httpd.conf with the new file (however it's generated) have_module would have
> access to the information it needs.

By splicing you mean 'Include ken_extra.conf' from t/conf/httpd.conf? Yes, but 
have_module() doesn't look it up in any of the conf files, it looks it up from 
the config object $cfg->{modules} which get populate with available modules 
when the config is generated, and it only scans the inherited file, it doesn't 
scan any of the files in t/conf.

>>Ken doesn't want it to be inside t/conf/, since he will have it
>>elsewhere. He doesn't want to touch the A-T project's file. That's what
>>I understood.
> ok, that's a valid reason.
> anyway I was just making a suggestion - it seems limiting to me not to have
> substitution in extra configuration files, 

But that's exactly what Ken doesn't want. He wants to give his own file which 
he has cooked already. This new option and your suggestion don't contradict 
each other. and each has a merit for existence.

> or to be able to specify one kind
> of config file from the command line but not others.  but it's not like I
> have the tuits to do anything about it now anyway, so I guess it stays as is :)


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