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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: t_cmp oddities
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 23:35:12 GMT

> I like that idea of adopting all of T::M. However, does T::M have a
> comparable function to t_cmp that gives the expected and received
> values? I *really* like the verbose output that t_cmp gives!

is() is similar in many ways to t_cmp() except it doesn't support array
comparisons, regular expressions, and some of the other things t_cmp() does.
 but Test::More has stuff like like(), is_deeply(), and unlike() (which has
no Apache-Test equivalent).  Test::More is a bit different in that you only
get the expected/received messages when things fail IIRC.

that said, integrating Apache-Test with Test::More is a bit difficult - you
get all kinds of redefined sub warnings because both Apache::Test and
Test::More export plan() and ok() into the test's namespace.  I originally
thought that I could create a simple Apache::TestMore class that merely
exported all the right stuff, but it ends up being a bit more complex than
that.  so, it's on my todo list at the moment but I just haven't had the
time.  if someone beats me to it, great :)


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