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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test-1.10
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 19:26:07 GMT
Unless someone reports problems, I'm going to release a new version of 
Apache-Test tomorrow. Please test this release candidate:



add :withtestmore import tag to Apache::Test, which will export
all standard Apache::Test symbols except those that collide with
Test::More.  [Geoffrey Young]

Use function prototypes in Apache::TestUtil functions t_cmp() and
t_is_equal() to handle the case when an argument to the function, is a
function call itself which may return undef (previously had to
explicitly force a scalar context to get the undef value). The idea
was borrowed from Test::More. [Stas]

Fixed a Windows-only segment which would result in a
'use of uninitialised value' error if a hash being traversed
had an entry with a key but an undefined value.  [Ken]

Support continuous configuration line when parsing the inherited
configuration file [Stas]

Since some of the inherited from the global httpd.conf modules require
mod_perl to be loaded first, arrange for that to happen. [Stas]

Don't try to set ulimit unlimited for coredumps on Solaris, unless run
as root [Rob Kinyon <>]

Added '-httpd_conf_extra <filename>' configuration option to
allow a file of server config directives to be inherited
in addition to the server's own httpd.conf file (or the one
specified by -httpd_conf).  [Ken and Stas]

Generated Listen directive now listen on to force using
IPv4 addresses on IPv6 systems until LWP supports IPv6. [Gozer]

improved docs [David Wheeler <>]

Add a virtual method Apache::TestRun::pre_configure, and fix the
documentation to say that subclasses must not forget to run the
superclass' method. [Stas]

Apache::TestRunPerl now performs an early check whether it can load
the right mod_perl environment. [William McKee <>,

$ENV{APACHE_TEST_NO_STICKY_PREFERENCES}, if true, will both suppress
generation of persistent preferences and ignore any that already exist.
[Geoffrey Young]

make the project's test suite relocatable, handling the case where
after Apache-Test configuration was created and not cleaned up before
the directory was moved. This is especially important for those cases
where users try to run 'make test' as root from /root, A-T tells them
that they can't do that (because of the perms) and suggests to try
again, afer moving the whole project under /tmp or similar. [Stas]

When running as 'root' make the client side drop the root permissions
and run with the same permissions as the server side
(e.g. nobody). This is needed in case the client side creates any
files after the initial check (during server side startup and beyond),
so that the server side could read/write them. [Stas]

t_server_log_error_is_expected t_server_log_warn_is_expected
t_client_log_error_is_expected t_client_log_warn_is_expected
now support an optional argument, suggesting how many entries
to expect [Stas]

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