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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test-1.12
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 13:30:29 GMT
a release candidate for Apache-Test 1.12 is now available.

please take the time to excercise the candidate through all your existing
applications that use Apache-Test and report back successes or failures.


Changes since 1.11:

add -no-httpd runtime option to allow tests to run without configuring,
starting, or stopping Apache.  this essentially provides a direct
Test::Harness interface through t/TEST, useful for running single tests
that do not depend on Apache.  [Geoffrey Young]

Add support for Module::Build, with a new module: Apache::TestMB (a
"clone" of Apache::TestMM for ExtUtils::MakeMaker). [David Wheeler

switch the order of arguments in t_cmp() and t_is_equal() so that
the order matches Test::More::is() and other Test::More functions.
the new call is: t_cmp($received, $expected, $comment);  support
for $expected as the first argument marked as deprecated and will
be removed in the course of the next few release cycles.
[Geoffrey Young]

add skip_reason() to Apache::Test, which provides a mechanism for
user-specified skip messages [Geoffrey Young]

Tweak Apache::TestRun to support test filenames starting with
/(.\\)?t\\/ prefixes, windows style (needed for t/SMOKE) [Steve Hay]

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