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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Apache::TestMB
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 05:18:35 GMT
On Jun 21, 2004, at 6:12 PM, David Wheeler wrote:

> Here's a new subclass for Module::Build, Apache::TestMB, which allows 
> modules that use Module::Build to run tests using Apache::Test.

Let me make a few comments on my "XXX" comments in the source code, and 
aske a couple of questions:

* In ACTION_test_clean() and ACTION_run_tests(), I'd love to be able to 
dump the dependence on t/TEST. My thought was to make calling 
generate_script() optional. It would only be called by module 
developers who had special needs, and had created t/TEST.PL to handle 
them. If this method was never called (and therefore apache_test_script 
had no value), then ACTION_test_clean() and ACTION_run_tests() could 
carry out their actions directly.

This is Perl, after all, so theoretically, Build doing the work is the 
same as t/TEST doing the work. I tried to implement this, but it looked 
like there were too many dependencies on the presence of t/TEST in 
Apache::TestRun::run. It also takes a whole slew of options. These 
issues would have to be addressed before we could make t/TEST optional. 
Ideally, ACTION_test() would just look like this:

sub ACTION_run_tests {
     my $self = shift;
     my @files = $ENV{TEST_FILES} ? ($ENV{TEST_FILES}) : ();
     if (my $script = $self->apache_test_script) {
         # Execute the test script.
         return $self->do_system($self->perl, $self->_bliblib,
                                 ('-verbose=' . ($self->verbose || 0)),

     # Just run things directly.

Stas, is it possible to implement the necessary methods to do what 
t/TEST normally does from within Module::Build?

* I wasn't sure how the TEST_FILES environment variable was supposed to 
work. So I'm just passing it to the call to t/TEST if it exists. Stas, 
is this the correct thing to do?

* This isn't commented in the code I sent you, but I'll note it: I 
didn't implement "cmodules" or "cmodules_clean" actions. They appear 
simple, but they seem to depend on `make` rather than Module::Build. 
Stas, are these just that simple? Should I expect that there'd be a 
Makefile in the cmodules directory? Or might it be Module::Build-based? 
I guess the real question is, where does that Makefile come from?

* Ken, how do I add code so that ./Build help lists the new actions, 
and ./Build help $new_action prints out some documentation for the 

TIA for the feedback, Guys!



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