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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: automagical support for PHP scripts in Apache-Test
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 13:10:36 GMT

> Cool stuff!


> If by "library" you mean "file containing PHP code" you just have the
> include() and require() statements AFAIK, there's no way to this
> globally from php.ini/httpd.conf, again, AFAIK.

I actually have been working more on this and got lots of the issues figured

here is a self-contained tarball you can try


  - automatic generation of more.php, which has Test::More equivalent functions
  - automatic generation of t/foo/bar.t from t/response/TestFoo/bar.php
  - automatic generation of t/foo/all.t to skip all tests if mod_phpX.c is
not present

clearly there is more work to be done, for full-fledged support (like
re-implementing all of Apache::TestUtil in php if we care) but it's a great

> __DATA__ emulation in PHP sounds... difficult ;)

yeah, so I'm being told :)

anyway, I would like to include the and
scripts in the core Apache-Test distribution.  here are the reasons why:

  - as the most popular add on module, mod_php seems to deserve at least the
same level of attention as mod_perl

  - I'm starting to think that it would be a cool idea to create harnesses
for all embedded languages.  my short list includes mod_php, mod_python,
mod_parrot, and a generic C interface.

  - it is possible to do all of this without touching current core modules
(as the tarball but not the previous patch show).  this means that
individuals can support language-specific harnessess without intruding on
core functionality.

  - including the new PHP harnesses provide examples for people who want to
extend them to other languages.  like mod_parrot :)

however, I'd like some general feedback on this before I go up and commit
them.  but in general I think that I, at least, have decided that adding the
additional harnesses is where we ought to be headed (as opposed to thinking
that it is some kind of feature creep).



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