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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] Subversion conversion
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 20:42:48 GMT

> It's just that someone needs to simultaneously move modperl-2.0 to
> subversion too. And modperl-docs too, since they are checked out into
> modperl-2.0 check out. As long as this is all done at once there should
> be no problem. None of these projects had any branching so it shouldn't
> be a problem. But I've next to zero experience with subversion, so I'm
> not volunteering to do that.

gozer and I can take care of this while we're here.  I was waiting on you to
agree with the move before we went forward, though.  and it looks like your +1.

ok, so we're giving sander and justin the ok to lock down cvs until the svn
conversion is complete, which may be a day or two.  after that, everyone
will need to use svn to access mod_perl cvs (with instructions to follow).

so, rock on svn.


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