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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: extending t_cmp to handle !t_cmp?
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 14:43:20 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>- We still don't have Test::More in the 5.6.1 core (it was added in
>>5.6.2/5.8.0), so we can't rely on it being available.
> sure, but you can conditionally skip over those tests for users that don't
> have Test::More installed.  I know that currently doing that is kind of
> ugly, but we could come up with some pretty shortcuts for this if you like.

Am I correct to say that Test::More is in the core for all but 5.6.1 the 
required minimum by mp2? so if we make a dependency on Test::More only the 
5.6.1 users will have to figure out how to get this module before they can 
start building modperl? If we agree to go with the switch to T::M, do we 
have sufficient functionality with T::M shipped with 5.8.0 for example? 
i.e. is 5.6.1 the only perl version that we need to require users to do an 
extra operation or do we require a specific T::M version, in which case 
many other distros are affected?

>>- Test::More's verbose output doesn't work the way we want, it prints
>>out the expected/received values only on failure, making it really hard
>>to develop tests.
> that's a matter of personal preference - I very much prefer the behavior of
> is() to t_cmp() :)

I understand that Test::More's behavior is preferrably at run time, since 
it prints out the data only when there are problems. But how do you 
develop a new test if you have no way to force Test::More to print the 
compared values? That's the only reason why I prefer t_cmp() to is().

> anyway, I understand your concerns, so go ahead and implement it if you
> like.  it just feels really, really bad to continue moving as though the
> Perl community hasn't already solved these problems with what is considered
> to be the standard testing module.

At the moment I'm fine.

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