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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Apache::TestRequest + Cookies
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:38:54 GMT
Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Now that I've gotten a few other module updates out of the way, I want 
> to get back to the thought of cookies within A-T. Two things were 
> mentioned that would help the A-T project in some way.
> First, possibly add pod doc on how to use cookies within A-T using 
> Michaels solution of
>   Apache::TestRequest::user_agent( cookie_jar => {});


> and possibly others. I would also probably take a stab at getting some 
> of the other things in 
> into the pod; 
> specifically the use of the secondary param in the GET request to add 
> outgoing headers and the like.


> Second,  add some sort of cookie tests to the A-T test suit. I'm not 
> quite sure what a test would be for other than to verify that A-T using 
> LWP actually receives and sends cookies and verifies they get remembered 
> between requests. But that seems more like testing LWP and A-T to me.

just a very simple test that verifies that the documented technique works. 
later on it may evolve to include a special A-T API if we ever add one.

> My first thoughts are to keep it as simple as possible and check for 
> mod_usertrack. It it's there, ensure the first tracking cookie value is 
> maintained across multiple requests.

Whatever you find the best is fine with us. You may want to use the 
same_interp framework in case you need to make sure that you hit the same 
perl interpreter (in case you store some data on the server side). See the 
tests in modperl-2.0/t for examples.

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